Take action during tough economic times

Take action during tough economic times

We may be facing the toughest economic times we have seen in decades. Recent reports of record layoffs; the mortgage meltdown; financial failures; the weak US dollar; increases in the price of gasoline, corn, wheat, beef, and other commodities; and more, have dramatically impacted the struggles facing the average household. Many can’t meet their debt payments, have lost their jobs, or can’t afford the basics to live comfortably.

Most households (more households than not) in North America need a part-time income in addition to their full-time income. They are looking for residual income that can change their lives.

there has never been a time in our history when more baby boomers want to work from home and secure their retirement, when more Moms want to be home with their kids, and when families “feel” the need to get out of debt and relieve themselves of the burden it places on their time freedom.

Although I see people who are going through a financial crisis, it saddens me that most are not taking action to take control of their lives. What I mean by this is that most people are just waiting, hoping the economy gets better soon, but economic studies show that the economy crisis will only get worse. Bankruptcies, foreclosures, layoffs, and budget freezes are going to increase even past 2010. Yet we see the cost of important necessities going up.

If all these occurrences have not given you a Wake Up call, shame on you. It is time to stop hoping for a miracle. Don’t wait, do it now! Get your bootay up from that computer chair and derive how you are going to pay your bills while saving money, better yet, call me and tell me you are making a change, perhaps ask me how we can make a change together. Ask yourself, what would you do if you were laid off tomorrow? If you don’t have a job, what are you doing to not rely on an employer’s check? If you are on unemployment support, that does not last forever.

Planning to make a change is only the beginning and the easy part. The hard part is staying committed to your decisions. But today I’m not going to talk about commitment, this is something you can figure out by your own experiences.The point is to take action during tough economic times. Most people see tough times as a disgrace but only a select few see it as opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, these select few may also go through tough times, but they take action and never quit.

Are you asking yourself how I’m preparing?

If so, that’s a good question. Although I have a good paying job, descent experience, and in a growing field, I’m still not going to rely on just that. I still see friends who are in the same field and being laid off. I’m preparing by having multiple sources of income, including residual income. Nothing can be better for retirement than having residual income. Having multiple sources of income is not just being prepared but also taking advantage during tough economic times.

What am I working on?

It’ll be toO easy for you if I write it here. If you are honestly thinking about making a change, contact me and ask me how we can work together. A man with ability and the desire to accomplish something can do anything. -Donald Kircher