Self-Discovery & Clarity

Self-Discovery & Clarity

October 31st, LAX, 1:19am

I’m in the process of re-discovering who I am. 

Today I attended the first of a 5 day workshop. Even though it was a 6 hour session that ended at 1am, I found it very entertaining. While I have learned some of this information in the past, I still processed it as if it was the first time I’ve heard it. It’s been too long, without me putting that information into practice.

Important takeaways for me is seeing myself in the mirror. Calling the bullshit the I tell myself. This is the resistance. My stories, my excuses, the beliefs the I’ve created as based on the events that I’ve gone through life. How I’ve fallen into being a creature of habit and do the same shit over and over, using my beliefs as justification. I’m learning about how I may be misusing my ego to find excuses/control. 

I’m relearning about resistance – how the doubts/fears/self-image make me use words that don’t portray clarity or commitment. 

Quote: What you resists, persists. What has your attention, has your intention.

My intention: I will be fulfilled with self-love and find clarity on my purpose.

Things to reflect on:

  • Why am I here?
  • Which events can I think of that have shaped my beliefs?
  • What things do I do and justify based on the beliefs that I’ve created?
  • Why do I choose the Have To’s over Get To’s?
  • Which masks do I like to wear?
  • If I shape my life based on my beliefs, how can I redefine my beliefs to give me the life that I want? Is this a continuous process throughout life? Are we always supposed to find something that we need to work on? 

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