First Half of 2014 in Summary

First Half of 2014 in Summary

Well, I know this post is 3 months late, but I must post it so I can one day come back and read my experiences and accomplishments for this year.

This has been quite a year, I’m trying to recall all of the things that happened between January and June. It already seems like a blur, yet, it still feels like it happened yesterday because this year has gone by so fast. Weird.

First off, let me start with the good.

Early in the year I bought about 5 books that I wanted to read this year. One of the books that I have read so far is How to be a gentlemen. Al though a lot of it may seem common sense, I was a little surprised and did not agree with some of the rules. Overall, it was a good book with good information.


My birthday celebration was very low key, but very memorable. I stayed out till very late on the Thursday (or was it Friday? lol ) before my birthday, and it was a great night. On the actual day, being a Monday, I just met up with a friend and watched a movie. Simple, but memorable. I’m thankful for the experience and for another year 🙂


For the first time ever, my wife and I went on a Vegas trip – together. It was a great trip with a few minor exceptions. We had the pleasure of staying at the Wynn. All I have to say is since the moment I book my hotel room a few weeks earlier, the service at the Wynn is exceptional. I prebooked activities on this trip, including diner at the Eiffel Tower, tickets for Le Reve, Alesso at XS, and Tiesto’s pool party. Unfortunately, I missed Tiesto’s pool party because of a looong night of drinking. All I can say is the next day I woke up at 5PM and I thought it was 5AM.


Early in May we got a surprise. A two blue lines on a stick type of surprise. We found out we were pregnant early in May. Al though surprised and scared, we were happy. We couldn’t believe it at the beginning since the lines on the home test were very light, but after going to the doctor a week later, it was confirmed. We were pregnant.


My father, whom I don’t have much communication with decided to visit from Mexico. The primary reason for his visit was to see the birth of my sister’s baby. Since my home has rooms available, I had the pleasure of hosting him in my house. I did feel weird at the beginning since I grew up without him, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to be in front of him. To my surprise, everything was normal and I felt comfortable. I’m over the resentment of him not being present while growing up. I was able to look at him more as a friend (sort of). I was able to spend Fathers day with him. Him, my mother and myself went on a trip to San Jose and to San Francisco. It was pleasant and good bonding time. Probably the best bonding time was the night we had a birthday celebration for my wife. This is the day we announced we were pregnant. It was also the day my dad and I open a bottle of Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia bottle and stayed up playing music and talking till 7AM. I missed work that day 😛

By the way, The Word Cup was fun and Mexico & USA did a great job.

TCB hired a new receptionist.

The Bad…

I won’t spent much time remembering the bad, but I would like to note one thing.

My wife’s grandmother, Doña Domitila, who had been battling with cancer passed away. She passed away on my birthday. It has been very difficult for my wife as her grandmother raised her since the age of 5.

How I feel

I feel very blessed for my health, family, friends, and all my experiences. It has been a very tiring year, but I realize we are in the process of building something. It reminds me of the days in late 2010, early 2011 when we started The Colour Bar. I feel our efforts, hard work and sacrifices will pay off very soon. I’m very thankful, and I think it was a great first half of the year. Thank you God, Thank you Universe!