Negotiate Lower Fees: 24 Hour Fitness & Comcast

Negotiate Lower Fees: 24 Hour Fitness & Comcast

This morning I called 24 hour fitness and I asked to cancel my membership since I have not been attending the gym for about 2 months. My monthly rate is $24.99 for an ‘all gym access’. This is actually a very good rate since I know a couple of friends that pay $35+/month for the same membership.

After I told the agent I wanted to cancel my account, she offered to put it ‘on hold’ for a monthly rate of $7 and I won’t have to pay sign up fees when I decide to come back. I told her I didn’t want to keep paying money for services I wasn’t going to use so I insisted to cancel it. Once again she offered another ‘seductive’ deal: Lower my rate to $15 a month and keep the same membership. I don’t think I know anybody paying such a low price for a gym membership – and specially for 24 Hour Fitness.

I told her: “How about I put my account on hold until I have little more time available to use the services and when I decide to come back, just give me a $15 monthly rate.” She agreed! She even added in 1 month free!:)

Most companies out there charge as much as they can for their service. In order to keep customers satisfied, companies give customers who want to cancel a lower rate in order to keep their business.

Comcast (EXPENSIVE) is another company that lowers rates for people that want to cancel. Comcast’s standard cable Internet fee is $40+ and I have managed to keep it between $19-25 a month. Sometimes you just gotta ask for it.

Moral is: Don’t always pay what they ask for. Negotiate a better deal.