Giving Advice

Today I shared some advice with a person whos business is not doing as great as it could be. I just thought I’d post it since many people may be going through a similar situation – not necessarily in a business but on something they want to achieve.

Cuando alguien quiere tener un negocio, tiene que darse cuenta que podra pasar por una derrota. Lamentablemente, cuando va mal en un negocio, uno se siente derrotado, sin animos y sin esperanza. Por esta razon, muchos se dan por vencidos y se olvidan de su sueƱo. Es muy importante saber como pararse despues de cada caida. Todas las experencias donde se nos ve que todo a acabado es donde podemos aprender mas de nosostros y nuestra dedicacion. Todo te lo digo por experencia y por se que tal vez me vuelva a pasar en el futuro. Lo mas importante es que despues de cada caida, me volvere a parar porque tengo el deseo de obtener lo que quiero.

Se que estas pasando por un momento dificil. Pero tambien se que tu tienes la dedicacion y el corazon para seguir adelante…..

Giving Advice

Excited for a Challenge

Last Saturday I met with the owner of a Multi-Million dollar, fast growing IT Solutions & Consulting company in the Sacramento area. We discussed a job position and an opportunity for a new challenge.

A week prior to our meeting, I had seen a full time job posting for a SharePoint Designer & Developer. Since I have experience with SharePoint, I decided email this person, attaching my resume, and telling him why I was the person for the job.

I clearly stated that I was not looking for a full time job, but I would consider working part time, “If you ever consider hiring someone for a part time position, I am the guy for this job…”

A week later, the owner of the company emails me asking me to tell him more about what I do and my experience. So we had a phone meeting and then a one to one meeting Saturday morning at a local Starbucks. After a 1 1/2 hour chat he decided to offer me a position with the purpose of making me a full time employee. I agreed to the challenge.

That was it. I created a position that was not there. I convinced this man that I will be a great asset to his company. I sold my self and I kept his attention.

Why is working for a successful small business a good opportunity?

Most people want to work for the best and largest company in the industry because it will be a great addition to the resume. That’s great if you plan to always work for somebody else.

However, a person learns the most when working in a smaller/growing company. You not only get one to one interaction with the company’s master mind but you are assigned to do a variety of jobs duties and have more pressure to learn and grow. By working in a small but growing business, I will jump in the fast track to learn how to run and manage a business.

He also mentioned that all of his employees were at the Senior level experience. This makes me feel a little intimidation, but I will use this to my advantage and push myself into a higher level. I will try to learn the most out of these Senior level employees.

Excited for a Challenge

Microsoft: Expanding Empire

The BIG Tech new today is that Microsoft just made an unsolicited offer of 44.6 Billion to Yahoo.

Business its all about taking advantage of somebody else’s disgrace- also known as opportunity. Yahoo has not been doing good as expected- shares are going down, employees are being laid off, and the earnings projected are not as good as they should be. Mr. Gates sees this as a time to seduce Yahoo stock holders with a very significant stock rise. In return, Microsoft keeps expanding it’s empire.

The main reason Microsoft targets Yahoo is because it is trying to rise the after the knock down by Google. But with the latest reports- it shows that Google is still the Internet Search Engine King with about 50% usage, compared to Yahoo’s 10%, and Microsoft’s 5%. Even if Microsoft acquires Yahoo, it still has a very long ways to go.

Microsoft: Expanding Empire