Excited for a Challenge

Excited for a Challenge

Last Saturday I met with the owner of a Multi-Million dollar, fast growing IT Solutions & Consulting company in the Sacramento area. We discussed a job position and an opportunity for a new challenge.

A week prior to our meeting, I had seen a full time job posting for a SharePoint Designer & Developer. Since I have experience with SharePoint, I decided email this person, attaching my resume, and telling him why I was the person for the job.

I clearly stated that I was not looking for a full time job, but I would consider working part time, If you ever consider hiring someone for a part time position, I am the guy for this job…

A week later, the owner of the company emails me asking me to tell him more about what I do and my experience. So we had a phone meeting and then a one to one meeting Saturday morning at a local Starbucks. After a 1 1/2 hour chat he decided to offer me a position with the purpose of making me a full time employee. I agreed to the challenge.

That was it. I created a position that was not there. I convinced this man that I will be a great asset to his company. I sold my self and I kept his attention.

Why is working for a successful small business a good opportunity?

Most people want to work for the best and largest company in the industry because it will be a great addition to the resume. That’s great if you plan to always work for somebody else.

However, a person learns the most when working in a smaller/growing company. You not only get one to one interaction with the company’s master mind but you are assigned to do a variety of jobs duties and have more pressure to learn and grow. By working in a small but growing business, I will jump in the fast track to learn how to run and manage a business.

He also mentioned that all of his employees were at the Senior level experience. This makes me feel a little intimidation, but I will use this to my advantage and push myself into a higher level. I will try to learn the most out of these Senior level employees.