Thanksgiving with Friends

Thanksgiving with Friends

One of the most rewarding traditions amongst our friends is gathering every year, the weekend before Thanksgiving and have a pre-Thanksgiving dinner between friends. This year was no exception. What was more especial for me this year was that for the first time, we hosted the Thanksgiving dinner at my home.

About 25 friends came to the dinner, everyone bringing a main entree or dessert for the dinner. Right before beginning our dinner, all of us to gather around in a circle and go around and sharing what we are thankful for this year.

I’ve been very thankful for so many blessings this year, including for my family, health, a growing business, a new home, being able to travel, and all the support from friends and family.

For the last couple of years, we have also made donations to either a family in need from the community or a non-profit charity. As the host this year, I contacted a couple of charity groups from our community and decided to go with Angels of the Fields, a non-profit program that helps Northern California families that work in agriculture. The reason I decided to go with this program is because I felt it had less resources for outreach and promotion to get donations.

Marcos, Jessica, Diana, Sergio, Arnie, Xochil, Lorena and me were able to sponsor 12 children directly, ages 2M-7 years. We also had a couple of people bring bags full of canned foods.

The 13th Thanksgiving with Friends was a success.