Back to writing

Back to writing

I have decided to go back to writing about my thoughts and experiences, something I have not done in 4 years. I remembered the feeling of being able to express my thoughts on paper. It was good being able to sit down and write about something I learned, something that I experienced, and even about the things with little meaning but that I found interesting. I want to go back to that feeling of being able to express myself a different way.

Before I start with my writing, I decided to update my blog and have something minimal – like a blank sheet of paper. I no longer need an impressive design, colors, and animation. It will be just text, and any images or videos that I decide to share. I got rid of the old design and my custom-build blogging platform. I installed WordPress, and decided to transfer most of the posts that I wrote before. Since I’ve received good feedback about the random quote generator, I may also add that in the future.

As of now, I believe I will write on the following:

Business – I may give a few tips to the competitors 😉
Online Marketing – How I use marketing in the business and how I make money off of it.
Web Development – Everyday I’m developing.
Relationships – How I keep them, or not.
Economy – Because it’s important.
Books – I have a good selection.
Networking – Strangers have everything you want, so network.
Goals – I usually reanalyze my goals every quarter.
Music – I love music.
Today I learned – My goal for 2014 is to learn something new every day.
Today I decided – There are days when I just decided to do or not to do something.

I’m excited to write at least a couple of times a month for the remaining of the year.