Toys for Children – Charity Event

Toys for Children – Charity Event

When I was a kid, there was more than one occasion when my Mom couldn’t afford to buy us a gift for Christmas. I had no idea about finances, and didn’t even realize how hard she was working just to keep food on our table. At that age, December came, and all I cared about was if I was going to get a Christmas present, just like all of the other kids. Selfish me.

One of those Christmases I remember some strangers driving up to our humble home, unloading some gifts from a truck, and walking up to our door. They came up to me, gave me a gift and said “Merry Christmas”. I didn’t know who they were nor understood what was going on, but I happily accepted the gift. That simple gift, probably worth no more than $10, made my Christmas.

As I grew older, I began to understand that there were people that would donate time and money to buy gifts for children of low income families. Remembering how much happiness a simple gift would give me, I always told myself I would one day go back and donate time and money for children in need.

The opportunity has come and we are presented with the opportunity to give back. I fully support the Sr. Santa Organization and any other organization that are created to help those in need. It is great to know people that don’t forget where they came from. Even better, those who have never lived in poverty and appreciate what they have by giving to those in need.

Because I was one of those kids that lived through humble beginnings, I know it makes a difference, and I personally want to thank those who are behind such organizations, and those who support it by providing their time, money, or by any other means.

As a form of thank you, I have tagged those who I am aware are contributing in some form.

See you at tonight’s event.

Sr. Santa Ball
Four Points by Sheraton Hotel
4900 Duckhorn Dr
Sacramento, 95834