Let It Go

Let It Go

Some people write to remember and others write to forget.

Somebody once told me that if I ever wanted to finally let go of memories and experiences, I should write about them, letting my subconscious mind and heart speak. In this way, my heart can be healed and/or forget with satisfaction.

I am no expert on human behavior nor can say, exactly, why sometimes it’s hard to let go of experiences. My theory is that when humans go through impacting or somehow life changing experiences, those experiences are retained by the heart and stored in the brain. Every so often, the subconscious mind injects that experience into our conscious mind and that is how many memories are still alive. Depending on the person’s memory span, with time, that experience will fade away. This is why many people say that time is the only cure.

But what if we don’t want to give it time? How can we take control of our conscious and subconscious mind to finally forget? Taking control of the subconscious mind takes a lot of discipline, but it is very possible. A way to do this is to concentrate all the thought energy into preferred thoughts until it becomes a habit. By creating habit of thought, the subconscious mind will automatically repeat the process that you trained it to do. Before you know it, that memory or experience that you initially wanted to forget, will tend to appear less and less.

But why would one want let go of experiences? Experiences and memories that are live in our mind have the power to manipulate our emotions. It is most likely that those emotions bring some type of sadness or depression, therefore, making life miserable. Note that people want to forget the experiences because it has a strong manipulation of emotions. When people forget the memories, it’s not that they forgot about the experience, but they forgot about the emotional manipulation.

Some people are strong enough to take control of their mind and emotions, but others are so emotionally distorted that they just can’t fight it. It is these people that are so emotionally hurt that, maybe, just maybe, time will heal.

Don’t go through life hoping that it goes away. Take control of mind and emotions and let it go.