Just Engaged

Just Engaged

Yes! I finally did it! After six and a half years of dating, breaking up, happiness, arguments and make-ups, we are moving forward. I just thought it was the best thing to do since we are both still fresh out of college and ready to beat any obstacle the world might give us… and what can be better than doing it together!

I always thought I would go to college, create a great career, buy a house and then get married. But then i realized that why should I go through all this alone when I have somebody great to share it with.

It was a scary thing! It still is! I mean, getting engaged is knowing that decisions are not going to be based just on me, but us. It’s knowing that now I can not go out with friends without giving notice, but now I gotta get used to letting her know where I am going – not really asking for permission, yet!

My thoughts about getting engaged became a little more serious right before my college graduation was getting closer. It was then when I began to think about where I’m going to start my successful career. You see, I didn’t want to go to a place that was too far from her because I can not do a long distance relationship… It’s just not for me. Knowing that she had already signed a contract with a prestigious firm at the Bay Area, I realized that the best thing would be for us both to move to the bay a start a new life – together. I saw it as, we either move forward, move in together or we end the relationship and head our different ways.

I made up my mind, I proposed and she accepted. A great future is ahead of us.