Ungrateful People

Ungrateful People

Sometimes I ask my self why I always make the time and go out of my way to help somebody who is in need – whether its advice, money, work, school, etc… Never have I been a person who is unwilling to help someone. I was raised with the idea that I should always help someone when I’m capable. It’s good Karma! I actually feel comfort when a person asks me for help because in some way, I know they have some trust towards me.

But sometimes it gets hard.

I’ve always said I expect nothing in return when helping someone. BUT reality is, as human, I do expect that person to at least be appreciative. Also, it’s rare when I ask for a favor, but if I ever do need a favor, I expect the person to at least be willing.

I’ve learned through experiences that some people like to get but not give. For those who don’t like give, there are always excuses such as “don’t have the time” and “I’ve been busy”. All I learn from this is that I’m probably asking a person that doesn’t even know how to manage their own schedule – so I may be asking the wrong person. Or they just don’t care.

Most of the time I never take other people’s ungratefulness personally, but some times it’s hard to ignore it. At this point, all I can do is think twice before helping that person again.

I think I’m getting to a point where I will be more selective before setting time aside to help someone. I won’t stop helping people, but I will be selective.

Sometimes I think to myself that I’m too nice. The funny thing is that I do believe in the saying, “Nice guys finish last.” I have to realize that if I ever want to get to the economic position I want to be, I have to start “minding (only) my own business”. In other words, help (only) yourself. Once I’m where I want to be I’ll look back and help those who cared for me.

If you ever helped me on anything you can always count on me returning the favor. If you got my back, I got your back.

If you ever ask someone for help, first ask yourself if you are willing to help them if they ever need it.