Bring Troops Home?

Peace Actions, marches, and protests to bring U.S. soldiers home were all over the news yesterday. Of course, this is nothing new since it has been happening since and before the war on Iraq was even declared. I’m not gonna lie, I was actually 100% in favor to attack Iraq and Saddam Hussein right after the 9/11 tragedy. Counter attacking was the best thing to do to show rival countries that America is strong and willing to respond to any threat. But more than 4 years after the Iraq defeat, the U.S. troops are still overseas and fighting a war that the majority of people say ‘it is not ours’.

I do believe that the troops should not be in Iraqi soil, but due to the circumstances, I’m not too sure if withdrawing the troops is the best thing to do. First reason, when the U.S. defeated Saddam Hussein, it also destroyed its structure of government. Abandoning a country with no solid government structure is very, very vulnerable for terrorist to take over the country. In the long run, this option will be a very bad idea. Second reason, it is very inhumane to not give the innocent Iraqi citizens the support and protection they need (However, I’m not sure if this is one of U.S.’s concerns since many innocent Iraqis have been killed by U.S. bombs). The last reason, abandoning a ‘War’ (we are still at war, although not officially) before a total success, it gives a sign of weakness towards the U.S.

With the protesting that happened yesterday, it shows that all most Americans want is for the troops to return home. What about the vulnerability the Iraqi citizens will be in if the U.S. comes home now? Not our problem? If it is not now, it will be in the future.

Bring Troops Home?

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