How to raise above the noise and stay focused

Sometimes it seems like when we figure about something we really want to do in life, there are always other distractions that pull us away or make it close to impossible to get it done. What is worse is that we end up making decisions during a stressed or pressured state, that we end up doing what we didn’t want to do. I’m sure this has (or will ) happened to everyone.

Everyone wants your attention and everyone is telling you what to do – Your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, your friends, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit.

In order to raise above the noise and stay focused, all you have to do is follow this 3 step plan:

1) Remind yourself of why you are doing it
When you need to do something that requires a lot of time from you, write down the purpose. It is important that you find clarity of what you want so you can act with intention. What will you settle with and not settle with? Then read it out loud, every morning.

2) Surround yourself with the right environment
You are the average of the 5 people you spend your most time with – if you want to change your mindset, find friends that have the mindset you want. If you want to go to the gym, fill up your closet with gym clothes and a pair of athletic shoes. If you want to earn more money, read and follow the people that make lots of money in your profession.

3) Step out of your comfort zone
Try doing things that scare you, things that excite you. Get used to handling tough situations and rejections.

All these 3 steps must be practiced to rise above the noise and stay focused.

If you are not willing to do ALL OF THESE, don’t even bother chasing your goals – might as well go to bed or sit in the couch and watch TV. #classdismissed

How to raise above the noise and stay focused