Changing Tactics for Social Impact

You don’t know how many times I ask myself what is my purpose of having and spending time on my social accounts. Most of us use it as a distraction, to see what other people are doing, follow some celebs, and find interesting stuff. It’s an personal escape via social media.

But I’ve always tried to find another purpose other than just an escape. In fact, I try to avoid using social media as a distraction because it is in fact a big distraction – and it gets addicting. I try to use my social accounts to provide some type of value, by sharing some of my knowledge and experiences, some quotes and interesting stuff.

Today I had a discussion with someone on the way I deliver my messages and posts. Even though the intention of the message is to promote positivity and inspiration, many people can take it wrong because I’m telling them what they don’t want to hear.

Everyone speaks of making the best out of life, but many never leave their comfort zone to find the extraordinary

In the quote above, my intention is to motivate people to get out of their comfort zone and create new or out of the ordinary experiences. But it can be taken wrong because I told people what they don’t want to hear. We all speak of making the best out of life, yes. But nobody wants to be reminded how they suck because we decide to stay in our comfort zone – and people can get offended.

Some of my messages, al though with good intention, are telling people what they should or shouldn’t do. My thought is that people get offended by my posts because I am just talking on a level of success – when most of us connect mainly on the struggles.

Reality is that I’m not looking to please everyone, I’m not looking to change my thinking, but I know I should be more aware of who is reading my message and word it in a way that is understood by those who I want to target. Pay closer attention to my audience.

For a long time, all I have been personally following or listening on social media is people who have achieved the level of success that I want. These people are very, very direct and they don’t tell people the nice things people want to hear, they tell what will get shit done. “Oh you are scared to start your own business? Stop being a little bitch, and make it happen.”, “Oh you haven’t reached the salary you want? Why are you not putting in the extra time to make it happen?”. That shit works for me, and motivates me to get moving, and it motivates thousands of entrepreneurs. We don’t need empathy, we need the reality.

Listening to all those entrepreneurs, business owners, and motivators has helped me a lot. But in a way, it has also screwed up my thinking on how to deal with normal people. When I try to deliver positive messages, sometimes I say “why aren’t doing this?” or “you need to do this”. My thinking is, “Okay there is a problem, and here is the solution”. But normal people don’t like that shit, they hate it because most of us hate being told what to do.

From today forward, I am going to work on changing my tactics for a greater positive social impact. I’m going to pay attention to who my audience is, which consists mostly of people who don’t own a business, people who want to do better in live, but may not be at a level of motivation or ambition that I am. It’s all about how I deliver the message. It’s about not just providing solutions, but also having empathy. It’s not about just showing success, it’s about showing struggles – which many of us have. That is how people will connect with me.

Today I was told: “Just tell people what they want to hear.” It clicked. I got it. All this time I’ve been telling people what I thought they should hear.

Changing Tactics for Social Impact

Today I Decided: 2 Week Notice

It’s amazing how having my son in my life has changed my perspective on certain things, and has made it so much easier to make decisions. At the time I woke up this morning, I never thought that by the end of the day I would write up my 2 week notice. It just sort of happened.

Today, February 25th, was the 3rd day back in the office after taking 6 weeks off for child bonding time. This afternoon, I realized that the way I was spending my time at the office was not adding any value to my life. As I think about what the difference is between the type of work I was doing before going on leave and the type of work I was doing today, the answer is that it wasn’t very much different. It is just simply that I do not enjoy the work any more. Above all, it’s also the fact that I realized that I couldn’t talk to my son for more than 30 minutes a day because he would be either sleeping or eating by the time I got home. I am not willing to spend most of the day away from my son when I am not doing anything worthwhile. It is only fair for my family and myself.

I can’t completely say I never thought about leaving my job before. During the child bonding time, I realized I wasn’t taking full advantage of my current opportunities and other things that are important to me. Having incubator projects requiring more of my attention, and a growing business with several employees that in one way or another I am responsible of, I knew that I was about to make some important choices. Even thought I wanted to do everything, there are never enough hours in the day, and I soon needed to give up the things that no longer were giving me satisfaction.

Today at 4 o’clock I decided: It’s time for me to go onto better and exciting things. It’s time for me to grow what I already have. It’s time to cut the bullshit, I have better places where I need to be!

Making a decision like this is not easy, especially a few weeks after having your first child. It was definitely scary, but I didn’t let fear stop me. The good news is that I am comfortable financially, I never rely on one source of income, and I never put all my eggs on one basket.

Today I decided to submit my two week notice. Now that the decision has been made, I am so happy and excited for the things that are coming.

Today I Decided: 2 Week Notice

I Will Become a Modern Gentleman

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the best on being a gentleman. Rarely do I open the car’s door for my female companion, I have the bad habbit of cutting the entire steak into bite size pieces before I begin eating, I use my smart phone in social places, and if I’m having a good time, I don’t watch my drinking when out in public. I’m often direct, and “Fuck it” is a highly used phrase in my vocabulary.

However, I’d like to think I have a few gentleman qualities, such as dressing well, I enjoy fine foods and drinks, I love to dance, enjoy theatre, listen to various types of music, and I can be very friendly. I am also aware of many of the gentleman traits, even if I don’t practice them. That’s a good start, I guess.

Good news is, today I decided I will become a modern gentleman. I bought the How to Be a Gentleman book, it has good reviews so I hope to learn a few things.

Not only did I purchase the book, but I also got a pair of tickets for the Giuseppe Verdi IL Trovatore opera show, and will enjoy a glass of champagne.

At least you know, I am trying ;)

Modern Gentleman

I Will Become a Modern Gentleman

Today I Decided: Remain Emotionally Strong

During our hardships is when we are the most vulnerable. It is the time when we are not thinking clear, have a lack of energy, with little desire to talk to anybody. The symptoms of depression. Even though I’m going through a hardship at this moment, I decided I must remain emotionally strong. I have to do it, not only for myself, but for the family and friends that, in a way, depend on me. I’ve always felt the responsibility to be the solid emotional base in my household. I must stay emotionally strong to help others move forward.

It is hard, but I know I can count on friends and family to help me when I need it. I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful now.

Today I Decided: Remain Emotionally Strong