My Favorite Phrase

You know you surround yourself with good people when all you need is a, “I’ll make it happen”. When they tell you those words, it’s no longer a maybe. It’s no longer a “we’ll see”. In fact, the how, and what is unnecessary – all they have to know is the when and where.

For someone who is as busy as I am, someone who values time, with no time for bullshit, the certainty of these individuals is worth gold.

Maybe? Ain’t nobody got time for that! ;)

My Favorite Phrase

I Will Die Soon


When the time comes, I will be in peace, enjoying heaven along with the family that has past before me. My loved ones may mourn my death and cry until resignation comes that they will never see me again. It may be a hard thing to ask for, but I would prefer that the people that loved me celebrate my life, and that they smile for the memories we had together. Do not be sad, as I will no longer have suffering, stress or worries.

Now that I have your attention, let me rephrase the title. I may die soon.

Not that I want it to be that way, but I know it’s a possibility for me and the people around me. It’s a hard thing to say, even a hard thing to hear from a loved one. But even if most of us are afraid of the thought of death, I believe having that thought present does have a positive. You begin to reconsider of how and with whom you spend your time with. You begin to cherish the moments because you know that one experience may be your last. You begin to take advantage of all the opportunities you can get, because you know there may never be another.

I believe the thought of death will have a different effect on people, and I can only talk about how it’s affecting me.


Even though I love helping people, I consider myself selfish in many ways. Having this thought present has probably made me more selfish. I begin to do what feels right to me, and only me. I believe in the idea that everyone was given their own life to live, nobody (not the parents, spouse, family, friends, religion) should tell you how to live your life. Many of the decisions I take in my life, I go with my gut feeling – and it has helped me live a happy live thus far. Even if I know the decision will benefit no one other than me, I still do it. I make my decisions based on my ideals, goals and desires, nothing else matters. We live in a society where being selfish is looked as bad by society and religion. Being selfish does not mean you will hurt other people, it means you will do things for your own benefit and pleasure, but that is okay.

Take all opportunities

I know many of the opportunities I have today, I will no longer have tomorrow. The goal is to take advantage of as many opportunities as I can, because those opportunities may never come back.

Worry less

I always try not to worry, especially about insignificant things. I’ve learned that problems are only life’s lessons and I benefit from it, regardless of the outcome, as long as I learn from the experience. Worrying about material things is an example of insignificant. Material things are nothing more than objects that provide self fulfillment but can easily be replaced.

A wise man once said, “Why worry about a problem that has a solution, if you know it has a solution. Why worry about a problem that does not have a solution, if you know it does not have a solution.”

Try not to waste time being upset

There’s been times when I go without talking to someone for days because of a disagreement. Many times I have said, give me some time to get over it, allowing the time for me forget about an incident, rather than me trying to deal with the problem. I have to remind myself to deal with any issues and express how I trully feel. Most importantly, learn to forgive while I still can.

Do what you love

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

This quote often comes to mind. I begin think about of why I decided to work at a job for a year, when I was never passionate about the work. Why did I do the things I never wanted to do in the first place? The answer is because I let other peoples values and opinions come before my own. This goes back to the idea of becoming more selfish.

Losing fear

When you are living a fulfilled life, you worry less about death. When you stop fearing death, not many things will be left to fear. Death will come to all of us, there’s no escaping it. Once we accept it and begin to live our life without fear, we begin to do things that are meaningful.

I’ve asked myself a question recently that I haven’t been able to answer yet. The question is, Do you prefer to live a long life, always on the “safe side”, giving up many of your goals and desires, and be able to reach 80-90 years old, or do you prefer to live a shorter life on the edge, taking risks, but knowing most goals and desires will be fulfilled? Is it possible to have best of both worlds?

Live life

There are many things that I may do, having the thought in mind that I may die soon. My ideals and goals may even change over time. Just know that everything I do is because I embraced the moment.

This writing is not to have you thinking of death, but the opposite. It’s to encourage you to think life. Live your life. Live the moment as if it were your last. Carpe Diem.


I Will Die Soon

Take action during tough economic times

We may be facing the toughest economic times we have seen in decades. Recent reports of record layoffs; the mortgage meltdown; financial failures; the weak US dollar; increases in the price of gasoline, corn, wheat, beef, and other commodities; and more, have dramatically impacted the struggles facing the average household. Many can’t meet their debt payments, have lost their jobs, or can’t afford the basics to live comfortably.

Most households (more households than not) in North America need a part-time income in addition to their full-time income. They are looking for residual income that can change their lives.

There has never been a time in our history when more baby boomers want to work from home and secure their retirement, when more Moms want to be home with their kids, and when families “feel” the need to get out of debt and relieve themselves of the burden it places on their time freedom.

Although I see people who are going through a financial crisis, it saddens me that most are not taking action to take control of their lives. What I mean by this is that most people are just waiting, hoping the economy gets better soon, but economic studies show that the economy crisis will only get worse. Bankruptcies, foreclosures, layoffs, and budget freezes are going to increase even past 2010. Yet we see the cost of important necessities going up.

If all these occurrences have not given you a Wake Up call, shame on you. It is time to stop hoping for a miracle. Don’t wait, do it now! Get your bootay up from that computer chair and derive how you are going to pay your bills while saving money, better yet, call me and tell me you are making a change, perhaps ask me how we can make a change together. Ask yourself, what would you do if you were laid off tomorrow? If you don’t have a job, what are you doing to not rely on an employer’s check? If you are on unemployment support, that does not last forever.

Planning to make a change is only the beginning and the easy part. The hard part is staying committed to your decisions. But today I’m not going to talk about commitment, this is something you can figure out by your own experiences.The point is to take action during tough economic times. Most people see tough times as a disgrace but only a select few see it as opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, these select few may also go through tough times, but they take action and never quit.

Are you asking yourself how I’m preparing?

If so, that’s a good question. Although I have a good paying job, descent experience, and in a growing field, I’m still not going to rely on just that. I still see friends who are in the same field and being laid off. I’m preparing by having multiple sources of income, including residual income. Nothing can be better for retirement than having residual income. Having multiple sources of income is not just being prepared but also taking advantage during tough economic times.

What am I working on?

It’ll be to easy for you if I write it here. If you are honestly thinking about making a change, contact me and ask me how we can work together. A man with ability and the desire to accomplish something can do anything. -Donald Kircher

Take action during tough economic times

El que con lobos anda…

Me e topado con varios dichos sobre las personas que te rodean:

El que con lobos anda a aullar se enseña.
Dime con quien te juntas y te dire quien eres.
Y varios mas que no recuerdo por el momento….

Si alguien me preguntara si estos dichos son ciertos, mi respuesta es un fuerte SI!!!!!

Creen en ti tus amigos?

Es sumamente importante conquien te juntas o a quien le pedimos consejos. Claro que tener muchos amigos es bueno pero NO es bueno juntarte con las personas que no tienen ningun tipo de ambicion. Si te juntas con alguien que no tiene un tipo de ambicion o con alguien que no sabe lo que quiere en la vida, no pasara mucho tiempo cuando tu ya estes ”perdido” en tus sueños.

Son muchas las razones por cuales no te deberias de juntar o pedir consejos a alguien que no sabe lo que quiere. Por ejemplo, es muy pero MUY frequente cuando una persona empieza a compartir sus sueños con sus amigos, que no tienen ningun tipo de ambicion, y los amigos solo dicen: “Estas soñando”, “Estas loco/a” o “Tu no puedes”. Lo peor es que les hacemos caso y poco a poco dejamos que se borren esos sueños. Los amigos sin ambicion creen que casi todo es imposible y que solo somos buenos para trabajar en el duro labor dia con dia con dia…. Son personas que no quieren saber de finanzas o negocios. Son las personas que se gastan el cheque antes de tenerlo. Las personas que estan esperando ganarse la loteria. Ellos no saben o no se quieren dar cuenta que en la vida hay algo mas. No pierdas el tiempo tratando de convencerlos en que crean en ti, porque es probable que no lo haran y no te ofreceran el apoyo que necesitas. Lamentablemente, algunos quienes se consideran tus amigos, no quieren que te superes.

Primer Paso

Que es lo que quieres?

Primero que nada solamente TU tienes que sentarte y pensar en que es lo que quieres en la vida y cuales son tus metas. Recuerda, “la persona que no tiene metas, no tendra nada.” Averigua tus metas y ya estaras en un paso mas adelante de la mayoria. Es muy importante que tomes este paso muy enserio y no lo hagas a prisa. Puedes tomarte uno, dos o hasta seis meses, pero solo asegurate que sea algo donde puedas ponerle todo tu corazon. Si no haces este paso muy en serio no pasara mucho tiempo cuando te desanimes o te desanime otra persona.

Segundo Paso

Encuentra nuevos amigos

No es necesario decirle adios a tus viejos amigos, solo encuentra a personas que te beneficien. Lo mejor que puedes hacer para superarte tu mismo es encontrar amigos quienes ya tienen lo que tu quieres. Asi, ellos ya te estan dando el ejemplo y los tendras disponibles para que te ayuden con todo tipo de preguntas. Hay muchas personas que se han superado y les gusta ayudar a alguien que enverdad se quiere superar. Lo mas importante que tu TIENES que hacer es creer en ti mismo! Si no puedes hacer esto, nadie mas va a creer en ti.

Tercer Paso

Aprovecha a tu mentor.

Encuentra a un mentor. A mi se me quedo este dicho: “El que tiene y aprovecha a su mentor, tiene la posibilidad de ser aun mejor que el mismo mentor.” – Raul Luna- Imaginate! Si te escuentras a un mentor que tiene todo lo que quieres, esta la posibilidad de tener aun mas!

Cuarto Paso

Crea un buen grupo.

Crea un buen grupo de amigos con fuertes ambiciones. Este grupo se debe de juntar por lo menos una vez al mes para motivarse y ayudarse el uno al otro. Este grupo se llamara “Master Minds”. Cada vez que se junten, platiquen sus problemas y las metas que realizaran para la proxima junta. Esto les ayudara a que siempre sigan avanzando.

No tengas miedo al fracaso

Fracasar es parte de aprender

Muchas personas no hacen mucho porque le tienen miedo al fracaso. Aqui es cuando tus ”amigos” te dicen: “Te dije que tu no puedes” o “Eso no es para ti”. Y uno estando en un estado emocional solemos en hacerle caso. Pero hay que aguarrarnos los ****** (lo que podamos) y levantarnos para desmostrarles que si se puede. Tienes que darte cuenta que el fracasar es parte de el aprender. A mi me dijieron: “Haciendolo mal es el primer paso para hacerlo bien.” No uses tu fracaso para desanimarte, usalo para aprender como lo puedes hacer bien! Lo mas importante es el aprender. Ojo! porque si no aprendes de tus fracasos es dificil seguir adelante.


Lo mas importante

Aqui es donde caemos en la distraccion y terminamos haciendo NADA. Es muy dificil dejar de hacer tu ”usual”. Ya sea ver la tele, peliculas, internet, MYSPACE, YOU TUBE, futbol, clubs, parties, BBQs, TELEFONO, etc, etc…. Hacer estas cosas con exceso es una perdicion de tiempo. Hay personas que se pasan 10+ horas de el dia en MySpace! Otras que pasan 5+ horas al dia en el telefono! No seas de estas personas y mucho menos te acustumbres a esta rutina! Estas cosas no te dan NADA al menos que te paguen por estar en el telefono (secretaria) o por estar en MySpace (Mmmm… Tom).

Para mi fue muy dificil despedirme de las fiestas, futbol, y BBQs con los amigos todos los fines de semana. Y es mas dificil cuando te llaman para invitarte a la fiesta de la ”muchacha que esta bien buena”. Pero cuando veo todo lo que eh crecido personalmente es cuando me doy cuenta que darle prioridad a mis metas valio la pena. Ahora es cuando me doy cuenta en todo el tiempo que perdi en cosas que no tienen beneficio. No es que te tienes que encerrar y no hacer nada pero solo has las cosas con moderacion. Por ejemplo, no pases mas de 3 horas en el telefono y la internet combinado. Se que cuando estas en la internet y el telefono el tiempo vuela asi es que cuidado! Hacer esto con exceso es dañarte a ti mismo.

Cuando decidas hacer algo siempre preguntate: “Esto me ayuda a alcanzar mi meta?”

Busco Amigos

Si! Yo busco a amigos con ambicion! Alguien que me beneficie, me pueda dar consejos, y mas importante, que crea en mi! Mandame un mensaje! Yo te ayudare a ti y tu me ayudaras a mi! Vamos cumplir nuestras metas y nos veremos en las playas de el mundo!

No solamente hay que soñar pero tambien hay que tomar accion. – Alfonso Martinez

El que con lobos anda…

GPA over Experience: Foolish Preference

For many, the most important and exciting year in college is the graduating year. This is the time when many students build a strong resume and attend as many career fairs as possible. Some students don’t have much to add to their resume other than class projects and a high GPA – but zero experience. Other students have outstanding experience that they have been building up since sophomore year but not the best GPA. Of course, there is also a small group of outstanding students who have perfect grades and the perfect experience.

So when employers look for a potential employee, they have to select somebody from one of these 3 groups. To no surprise, the first employees to be picked are those with the perfect GPA and perfect experience. But once this small group is out, the most interesting selection happens. Many employers actually have a minimum GPA from 3.0-3.5. If you fall anywhere below that bracket, they won’t even look at your resume. So this means that they give preference to those students with a high GPA and not much or zero experience. To them, your outstanding experience is worthless. WTF.

In my personal opinion, experience is a lot more valuable than GPA. Experience is gold. Why? It’s simple. In America, only about 30% of the population obtains a college degree. So no matter what your grades are, if you get a college degree, you have proved to be on that 30%. This means that you have the dedication and determination to finish something you started. So if you have a degree and great experience, what is the big deal of what your college GPA is? I’m not saying a good GPA is not important, but it definitely should not be emphasized more than experience. What is the GPA represent anyway? It represents about 50% general education classes and 50% major related classes. I’m sure the Witch Craft elective would not benefit your engineering position so why count it? About 75% of todays college graduates say they only use a small amount of knowledge they learned in college. Some copanies even tell their new employees to forget most of what they learned in college because it won’t be used for work. Isn’t that Ironic? Companies select you by looking at your college grades but then they tell you to forget about what you learned in class.

Take President George W. Bush, for example. He is an average ‘C’ student and there is no way he became the U.S. President because he has a good college GPA. He became President because he had the experience. Let’s look at this on a different way. Let’s say a company’s system crashed and it’s very urgent to fix it. There are only 2 candidates and they can only pick one. Would they choose someone who has 4 year experience fixing systems or someone who got an ‘A’ in his Operating Systems class? If they are smart, they’ll go for the experience.

If you are one of the persons in the small group, with perfect grades and perfect experience – Congratulations! Your only worry should be which company is best for you. If you are a person with a good GPA and no experience, maybe you should give it a try at creating some experience. You may just find out this field is not for you. If you are a person with not the best GPA but great experience – Congratulations to you! You are far more ahead than many.

GPA over Experience: Foolish Preference

Bring Troops Home?

Peace Actions, marches, and protests to bring U.S. soldiers home were all over the news yesterday. Of course, this is nothing new since it has been happening since and before the war on Iraq was even declared. I’m not gonna lie, I was actually 100% in favor to attack Iraq and Saddam Hussein right after the 9/11 tragedy. Counter attacking was the best thing to do to show rival countries that America is strong and willing to respond to any threat. But more than 4 years after the Iraq defeat, the U.S. troops are still overseas and fighting a war that the majority of people say ‘it is not ours’.

I do believe that the troops should not be in Iraqi soil, but due to the circumstances, I’m not too sure if withdrawing the troops is the best thing to do. First reason, when the U.S. defeated Saddam Hussein, it also destroyed its structure of government. Abandoning a country with no solid government structure is very, very vulnerable for terrorist to take over the country. In the long run, this option will be a very bad idea. Second reason, it is very inhumane to not give the innocent Iraqi citizens the support and protection they need (However, I’m not sure if this is one of U.S.’s concerns since many innocent Iraqis have been killed by U.S. bombs). The last reason, abandoning a ‘War’ (we are still at war, although not officially) before a total success, it gives a sign of weakness towards the U.S.

With the protesting that happened yesterday, it shows that all most Americans want is for the troops to return home. What about the vulnerability the Iraqi citizens will be in if the U.S. comes home now? Not our problem? If it is not now, it will be in the future.

Bring Troops Home?

Microsoft: Expanding Empire

The BIG Tech new today is that Microsoft just made an unsolicited offer of 44.6 Billion to Yahoo.

Business its all about taking advantage of somebody else’s disgrace- also known as opportunity. Yahoo has not been doing good as expected- shares are going down, employees are being laid off, and the earnings projected are not as good as they should be. Mr. Gates sees this as a time to seduce Yahoo stock holders with a very significant stock rise. In return, Microsoft keeps expanding it’s empire.

The main reason Microsoft targets Yahoo is because it is trying to rise the after the knock down by Google. But with the latest reports- it shows that Google is still the Internet Search Engine King with about 50% usage, compared to Yahoo’s 10%, and Microsoft’s 5%. Even if Microsoft acquires Yahoo, it still has a very long ways to go.

Microsoft: Expanding Empire


My theory is that employers prefer college grads because they see a college degree chiefly as mark of one’s ability to obey and conform. Whatever else you learn in college, you learn to sit still for long periods while appearing to be awake. And whatever else you do in a white collar job, most of the time you’ll be sitting and feigning attention. Sitting still for hours on end — whether in library carrels or office cubicles — does not come naturally to humans. It must be learned — although no college has yet been honest enough to offer a degree in seat-warming. — Barbara Ehrenreich

I’m sure many students (including myself) go to uninteresting classes and learn to sit still for long periods while appearing to be awake. Everything would be much better if college would cut all the BS classes and allow us to go straight to what we want to learn. I understand that General Education is important and crucial but how would a Witchcraft course be beneficial for a engineering major?

On the other hand, after forgetting about all the uninteresting classes, college is a lot more than just seat warming. The courses that prepare us for our career and the opportunity to network with many people with the same goals is just fabulous… Seat warming is a small price we have to pay for all the opportunities a college degree offers us.