Dejame (Version Banda) – Gerardo Ortiz

I listened to Gerardo Ortiz’s new album as soon as he released it and I really enjoyed listening to several of his songs. Dejame became one of my favorites since the first time I listened to it. Al though there are two versions of this song, Gropo and Banda, the Banda version is more to my liking.

In the past I’ve written the English translation of songs I really like, and this song just became one of them :)  My translation is based on the words, context, and what I believe the message of the song is.

Dejame – Leave Me (English Translation)

Forget about everything
My decision is definitive
I can’t stand when you speak of
Something that is already lost

I do not remember
Even the smallest detail of our past
I’m asking you
Don’t think about coming back
We are no longer friends

Forget all our memories
All the times we had
Make sure you forget
when you and I met
Do not tell me you’ve changed
that everything will get better
Because it has already been too long
Since the day you forgot about me

Leave me
I do not feel no remorse or resentment
And you know well that you are no longer important to me
And you also know
That it’s been long since I forgot about you
This is my last message
I think you can understand

Leave me
Your attempt has failed
I do not believe your story
Do not waste your time
I’m really sorry
There is nothing left to do
I can do it on my own now
I think you can understand
Leave me

Dejame – Spanish Lyrics

Borra todo de tu mente
Esto ya es definitivo
No soporto que platiques
Algo que ya esta perdido

No recuerdo
Ni el más mínimo detalle
Te lo pido
que ya no te des la vuelta
porque no somos amigos

Borra todos los recuerdos
Los momentos que tuvimos
No te olvides de borrar
cuando tu y yo nos conocimos
No me digas que me olvide
que lo tienes arreglado
Porque tiene mucho tiempo
que me tienes olvidado

Mira que no siento ni un remordimiento
Y tu sabes bien que ya no eres nadie
Y también lo sabes que
hace mucho tiempo te olvide
Es mi ultimo mensaje
Creo que puedes entender

Te fallo el intento
No se te hizo el cuento bien al parecer
No pierdas el tiempo
De verdad lo siento
Ya no queda nada por hacer
Ya me tomo de la mano
Creo que puedes entender


Ready For Breakfast

I’m still wide awake, and done with work. I gotta say, I finished my work a lot faster than usual – I think I squeezed in a usual 8 hours of work into 3.5 – 4 hours. It does help to be in the zone. I’m downstairs, everything is mostly dark and quiet with exception of my music and the sound of my fingers tapping the keyboard.

In my previous post I expressed my situation of not being able to sleep because I had a lot going through my mind. One of the reasons is due to a conversation I had late yesterday with a “friend”. Overthinking stuff as usual. But I also remembered I drank a Grande Iced Coffee past 7:30PM last night. I was tired, and I had a late meeting.

Anyway, it’s 5AM and I’m already done an important part of the work I had planned for my Friday! Boom!

I think I may start working on another project, but first… I’m hungry and I’m making some breakfast. Who knows, I may even stay up till 8AM, the usual time Julian wakes up. By that time, I will prefer to stay up till 11AM so I can spend some time with him before he goes to his babysitter.

By the way, the Jessie Ware playlist played for an hour or so. I switched my tempo to something more of my style for a Thursday / Friday night. All of these are on my favorites.

Que Seas Feliz – Luis Miguel

Si Tu Supieras – Alejandro Fernandez

La Media Vuelta – Luis Miguel

Me Dedique a Perderte – Alejandro Fernandez

No Se Olvidar – Alejandro Fernandez

Se Me Va La Voz – Alejandro Fernandez

Ready For Breakfast

Son, don’t let it slip away

When I heard this song, it felt like it read my mind! This is how I live my life, and this is what I would like to tell my son. Love Life & Carpe Diem!

Son, don’t let it slip away
When you get older, your life will live for younger days
Think of me if ever you’re afraid
One day you’ll leave this world behind
Live a life you will remember
Go venture far beyond the shores
Don’t forsake this life of yours
I’ll guide you home no matter where you are

Son, don’t let it slip away

Mujer de Piedra

This song came out about two years ago, but it recently became one of my favorites. I’ve heard this song many times before, but I never really paid attention to the lyrics until recently. Once I listened and understood the message, I liked it.

This song is about a guy that is being abandoned by the love of his life. Once he gets the message and realizes that she is a woman with no feelings, he encourages her to leave immediately. He tells her to leave, not because he really wants it that way, but because he just wants to end the pain as soon as possible. He refers to her as the stone woman, a woman with no feelings.

One of my favorite quotes is “Que tengas todo lo que has deseado, y que lo buendo te recuerde a lo pasado” which translates to “I hope you have everything you have desired, and that the good moments remind you of our past”.

Que tengas todo lo que has deseado, y que lo buendo te recuerde a lo pasado

– Gerardo Ortiz

Mujer de Piedra

Good Vibes Music

It is hard for me to go through the day without music. I play music in the morning, right after I wake up, at the gym, at work, driving…. everywhere.

I have a couple of playlists that I’ve been listening to in the last couple of weeks!

Good Vibes Music

Pitbull – Dale!!

Good Vibes Music

Sade Pandora Radio Station

A friend recommended adding the Sade station to my Pandora Radio last Friday, and I decided to listen to it this afternoon. It has a good selection of music, mostly soft tone but with a good vibe. With some high quality audio speakers, this will be a good station to play in the background while having a pleasant conversation, during dinner or while sipping on a glass of champagne.

I created a short list of likes when I listened to it for a couple of hours.

In the air tonight – Phil Collins

Thank you – Dido

If I ain’t got you – Alicia Keys

Can’t take my eyes off of you – Lauryn Hill

Keep gettin’ it on – Marvin Gaye

Love Song – Adele

By Your Side – Sade

Sade Pandora Radio Station

Real niggas do what they wanna do, bitch niggas do what they can

Real niggas do what they wanna do, bitch niggas do what they can

– 2Pac

One of my favorites quotes from Tupac’s lyrics. There is so much truth in it. If you look past the slang and derogatory references, you’ll understand the meaning.

Real people accomplish whatever their dreams may be against all odds, bitch niggas (weak people) do what they are limited to.

Real niggas do what they wanna do, bitch niggas do what they can