The World Won’t Get Any Better

How is it possible that the US is willing to spend trillions of dollars on wars, and billions to aid other countries when we still have poverty and homelessness in America?

If you think about it on simple terms, it makes no sense.

If you think about it more in depth, this time considering politics, manipulation of the masses, greed, and power – the answer is not so simple.

The system is designed that way, and that is how it will stay. The government is not going to do anything to change that. Period.

Perhaps there is a possibility of the world getting better if people unite to make a change.

However, what I realized these last several weeks is that people want change, but most are not willing to sacrifice their time and money to change it. People want change, but only as long as the process doesn’t make them uncomfortable. At the end of the day, we are all selfish and we like to stay in what is already familiar to us, including the state of the world that we live in. Because why give up the comfort and little bit of peace we have now, when we can go Black Friday shopping and fight each other to save a few bucks for shit we don’t need on the evening of Thanksgiving.

The world is not going to get any better, and I say that without being a pessimist, but considering current facts, and the history of humanity.

Once you comprehend politics, power, and greed, you understand this:

“War, crime and racism has always and will always exists in this country so don’t worry too much about changing the world, but do always worry about changing your own.”

God Bless America.

#PrayForSirya #PrayForParis #PrayForTheWorld

The World Won’t Get Any Better