Give time and love to family


While I don’t expect my actions will change the world, I do believe that it has and will continue making a difference. My goal with the #30WaysToGive project was to figure out ways of how we can give back to my community, while encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.
In a time like today where many people share injustices, racism, greed and negativity on social media, I challenged myself to do opposite – share my stories of giving time, love, positivity and hope. I’m thankful to have achieved my goal and for finding people that shared their support.

My #30 and last post for #30WaysToGive is this:

Give time and love to family. I was able to spend the holiday and weekend with family and I appreciated every moment of it. Any difference we want to achieve in our community, we must first find it within ourselves (post #23), and then within our home.

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Give time and love to family