When it rains, it pours.
I’m glad I started 30 Ways To Give without putting much thought into it, otherwise I would have found a million reasons, including time and money, why I shouldn’t do it.
I’ve been a little behind because so may things have been happening – a few setbacks, but mostly good things.
Life gets on the way. Everybody gets busy, I get it.

But if I really wanted the easy way out, I would have made a cash donation to a charity organization and be done with it.
I think I’ve already reached some of my goals of this project which include inspiring other people, and learn from this experience.

With that said, a couple of people have already told me they want to be part of this project! That’s exciting!

#6 Forgive

The other day I received a $7,000+ bill from a phone company that I don’t even use. Someone decided to use my information and take advantage of my credit to open up a new account and go shopping. I wasn’t upset at all when I saw this, I was more surprised that it happened to me. I’m very OCD about protecting my personal information – and it makes me wonder if a company that has all my info got hacked. I may never know.

But after all the time I spent filling reports, clearing up this BS, and adding further protection, I’m going to say I forgive this person. Time is so valuable, I’m not even going to spend it getting bitter about it.
Take two things from this:
Forgive, let old shit go and move on.

Protect your information, especially this holiday season!

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