Why do people waste so much time on nonsense?

I was having a conversation last night and a question came up.

Why do people waste so much time?

Like watching nonsense reality TV shows. Working at a job they hate. Maintaining relationships that add no value. etc.

My take is that people waste so much time on activities or with people that add absolutely no value because they think they will live a long life. In other words, they believe there’s plenty of time in their life.

Can you imagine how different we would live our lives if we knew how much time we had in our life? Let me ask the question:

If you knew how much time you have left in this life, would you:

Have more urgency in the things you want to do?
Be willing to take more risk?
Would you still let fear stop you from doing what you’ve always wanted?
Spend more time on making yourself happy instead of trying to please other people (who may or may not appreciate it)?
Would the problems you have now still seem as big?

Would you spend it watching fake-reality shows on TV?
Would you keep spending time with relationships that add no value?
Would you still show up at the job you so much hate?
Would you still care of people’s opinions?

Sometimes I think of a family friend who I was able to spend some time with. Her name is Whitny M. and she past away 3 years ago due to terminal cancer. She was a young (early 30’s) mother of 2 young boys. By far, she was one of the most happiest persons I have ever met with a contagious laughter. I remember how much she loved life and how much she didn’t want to go. A very strong woman who gave it her all so she could be with her boys. I learned something from Whitny, and that is to live my life now because tomorrow is promised to no one.

Every night I am thankful for being able to live and complete another day. Every morning I promise myself to do everything that makes me happy – because I am thankful.

This reminded me of a post I wrote two years ago, I Will Die Soon.

Why do people waste so much time on nonsense?