Can’t Sleep

I’ve been in bed for 3 hours, falling in and out of my sleep. I just can’t sleep, there’s too much on my mind.

I decided to get up, have a late night snack, play some soft music and try to be productive until I am at a point of exhaustion that I fall asleep as soon as I lay down.

I recently added Jessie Ware to my playlist per recommendation of a friend. I’ve heard her music before, I just didn’t know the name of the artist. Her music happens to have the right tempo for this hour. Say Your Love Me is playing at this moment…

I had set my alarm for 6AM so I could get up early to do some work. Might as well turn that off now, and get started with the work.

Work is not what is keeping me up though, I just use it as a distraction to keep myself busy. There’s so much to do, but so little time.

Can’t Sleep