AMBITION is not related to GREED

Every time I mention AMBITION people automatically relate it to GREED or MONEY. That seems to be a popular misconception, but it has absolutely nothing to do with GREED or MONEY. A lot of people know that money is just a result. AMBITION has to do with PURPOSE.

Chances are, if you wake up in the morning and go to work/school, you have AMBITION. If you play sports or are into fitness, you have AMBITION. If you want to become better and succeed at something YOU ARE AMBITIOUS.

a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

AMBITION is not related to GREED

Why do people waste so much time on nonsense?

I was having a conversation last night and a question came up.

Why do people waste so much time?

Like watching nonsense reality TV shows. Working at a job they hate. Maintaining relationships that add no value. etc.

My take is that people waste so much time on activities or with people that add absolutely no value because they think they will live a long life. In other words, they believe there’s plenty of time in their life.

Can you imagine how different we would live our lives if we knew how much time we had in our life? Let me ask the question:

If you knew how much time you have left in this life, would you:

Have more urgency in the things you want to do?
Be willing to take more risk?
Would you still let fear stop you from doing what you’ve always wanted?
Spend more time on making yourself happy instead of trying to please other people (who may or may not appreciate it)?
Would the problems you have now still seem as big?

Would you spend it watching fake-reality shows on TV?
Would you keep spending time with relationships that add no value?
Would you still show up at the job you so much hate?
Would you still care of people’s opinions?

Sometimes I think of a family friend who I was able to spend some time with. Her name is Whitny M. and she past away 3 years ago due to terminal cancer. She was a young (early 30’s) mother of 2 young boys. By far, she was one of the most happiest persons I have ever met with a contagious laughter. I remember how much she loved life and how much she didn’t want to go. A very strong woman who gave it her all so she could be with her boys. I learned something from Whitny, and that is to live my life now because tomorrow is promised to no one.

Every night I am thankful for being able to live and complete another day. Every morning I promise myself to do everything that makes me happy – because I am thankful.

This reminded me of a post I wrote two years ago, I Will Die Soon.

Why do people waste so much time on nonsense?

Ready For Breakfast

I’m still wide awake, and done with work. I gotta say, I finished my work a lot faster than usual – I think I squeezed in a usual 8 hours of work into 3.5 – 4 hours. It does help to be in the zone. I’m downstairs, everything is mostly dark and quiet with exception of my music and the sound of my fingers tapping the keyboard.

In my previous post I expressed my situation of not being able to sleep because I had a lot going through my mind. One of the reasons is due to a conversation I had late yesterday with a “friend”. Overthinking stuff as usual. But I also remembered I drank a Grande Iced Coffee past 7:30PM last night. I was tired, and I had a late meeting.

Anyway, it’s 5AM and I’m already done an important part of the work I had planned for my Friday! Boom!

I think I may start working on another project, but first… I’m hungry and I’m making some breakfast. Who knows, I may even stay up till 8AM, the usual time Julian wakes up. By that time, I will prefer to stay up till 11AM so I can spend some time with him before he goes to his babysitter.

By the way, the Jessie Ware playlist played for an hour or so. I switched my tempo to something more of my style for a Thursday / Friday night. All of these are on my favorites.

Que Seas Feliz – Luis Miguel

Si Tu Supieras – Alejandro Fernandez

La Media Vuelta – Luis Miguel

Me Dedique a Perderte – Alejandro Fernandez

No Se Olvidar – Alejandro Fernandez

Se Me Va La Voz – Alejandro Fernandez

Ready For Breakfast

Can’t Sleep

I’ve been in bed for 3 hours, falling in and out of my sleep. I just can’t sleep, there’s too much on my mind.

I decided to get up, have a late night snack, play some soft music and try to be productive until I am at a point of exhaustion that I fall asleep as soon as I lay down.

I recently added Jessie Ware to my playlist per recommendation of a friend. I’ve heard her music before, I just didn’t know the name of the artist. Her music happens to have the right tempo for this hour. Say Your Love Me is playing at this moment…

I had set my alarm for 6AM so I could get up early to do some work. Might as well turn that off now, and get started with the work.

Work is not what is keeping me up though, I just use it as a distraction to keep myself busy. There’s so much to do, but so little time.

Can’t Sleep

What are your colors?

I had a True Colors Personality Test this week, something I’ve never done before. It was done at the salon that I co-own, and it was great seeing what colors my employees were, it told me a lot more about their personality – even outside of work.

Although most of what I learned this day is mainly a reaffirmation, it almost felt like I re-discovered myself, and even a feeling of – you see, that’s my natural personality and there’s nothing I can do about it!

Without further ado, here are my 2 primary colors:
Side note: My score tied between my primary and secondary colors, I had to use the tie breaker

Primary: Green

Personal Success Traits

  • Intelligence
  • Perfectionist
  • Language Skills
  • Developing Models
  • Handling Complexity
  • A Variety of Interests
  • Striving for Competency
  • Exploring Ideas / Abstract Thinking

Stressed in Environments That Reflect

  • Routine
  • Small Talk
  • Incompetence
  • Lack of Recognition of Their Ability
  • Social Functions
  • Emotional Displays
  • Not Being in Charge
  • Lack of Independence

Green Attributes

  • Why – we are always curious and want to understand why things work as they do
  • Perfectionist
  • Standard Setters
  • Philosophical
  • Very Complex
  • “Should be able to” attitude
  • Intellectual – Theoretical
  • Work is Play – Play is Work
  • Abstract, Conceptual, Global
  • Need for Independence and Private Time
  • Explores all Facets Before Making a Decision
  • Knows How to Spell and Pronounce “big” Words
  • Approaches Interpersonal Relationships in Logical Manner

My Take

Geez, most if not all of this is true. This is definitely my personality when it comes to business and getting shit done – which is most of the time. In business, if I’m going to spend time on it, I might as well aim to be the best at it. There are always solutions to problems, and the rules can be broken. I love learning new things, and implementing them in my life. In general, I can’t do much of the small talk, I rather be in a very small social setting than big events.

Secondary: Orange

Personal Success Traits

  • Zest for Life
  • Charm and Wit
  • Hunger for Variety
  • Spirit of Adventure
  • Entertaining Others
  • Desire to Test The Limits
  • Crisis Management Skills
  • Ability to Work With Tools

Stressed in Environments That Reflect

  • Too Much Responsibility
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Being Stuck at a Desk
  • Abstract Concepts
  • Reading Manuals
  • Imposed Structure
  • Repetition and Routine
  • Personal Criticism
  • Deadlines
  • Inactivity
  • Lack of Variety
  • Following Directions
  • Lack of Fun

Orange Attributes

  • Charming
  • Tests Limits
  • Master Negotiators
  • “Let’s Make a Deal”
  • Playful & Energetic
  • Pushes the Boundaries
  • Natural & Non-Conformist
  • Risk Taker “Just Do It”
  • Thrives on Competition
  • Creative
  • Inventive
  • Impulsive and Spontaneous
  • A Natural Entertainer
  • Likes Tangible Rewards
  • Most Productive in Informal Environments
  • High Need for Mobility
  • Visual and Kinesthetic

My Take

Hands down this is my fun side. This is me when I’m not in the business mode. I hate routine, I’m always seeking some adventure. I am very spontaneous, and a risk taker, the less I think of the possible outcomes, the better :) “Just Do It” is definitely in my vocabulary. I rather experience it rather than talking about it or having someone tell me about it.

What are your colors?

Rehearsing Situations

Have you ever rehearsed situations or had full conversations with yourself imagining you are talking to someone else? Sometimes I do that, every time I think I’m crazy and / or it’s a waste of time because I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen.

For the times that it does happen, no matter how many times I practiced, more often than not, it all comes out wrong.

It’s mainly because how I felt in a calm state gets overpowered by the mix of emotions once I’m dealing with the real thing. The good thing is that the outcome does end up being the same, however, the way it goes down is never how I imagine it.

Rehearsing Situations

Can we beat procrastination?


the action of delaying or postponing something.

Before anything, I want to say that I’m no expert on the topic of procrastination since I have procrastinated in many things this week already (It’s only Wednesday), including writing this post. But even with all my years of experience, hard work, and trying new things to beat procrastination, I ask myself: Is it possible to beat procrastination for good?

After all my successes and failures when dealing with procrastination, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not possible to eliminate it, especially if you are always working on new things, and are a constant target for distractions. When I say distractions, I don’t mean social media / YouTube type of distractions I mean people calling or needing your immediate assistance for work / family related decisions.

The good news is that we can manage procrastination, that is, consciously know what we will procrastinate on.

For example, most of us adults know that we can procrastinate on buying a gift for a relative, but we can not procrastinate on paying the bills (It’s just not a good idea). Think for yourself, how many times have you gone to a birthday party, a wedding, or special event, but not before making a quick stop at the store to buy a gift? How many times do you wait to do something around the house, each times saying “Ah, I’ll do it later”, until it comes to the day that you got no other choice but to get it done? I do that all the time LOL

But you see, the awesome thing about procrastinating on those type of things is that the risk of procrastinating does not affect us much. The risk may be someone nagging, but it’s no big deal. As opposed to being late on bills – sometimes that comes with an extra fee! That one does hurt :P

Have you ever heard of the popular proverb, “if you can’t beat them, join them“? That is what I intend to do.

Now that I’ve convinced myself that it’s pointless to try to beat procrastination, I decided to make procrastination my friend. In other words, I need to master procrastination.

The big question is how do I decide what I can and can not procrastinate on?

The answer is this: Measure Risk vs Reward

What are we risking when we procrastinate on a specific task, and what is the reward if we do not procrastinate?

This is something only each person can answer on their own, primarily because each of us know what is more important for us.

On Monday I created a list of 24 tasks that I need to get done ASAP. Today, Wednesday, I have 25 tasks on that list. It’s not that I haven’t completed items from that list, I have completed 4. But it also happened that 5 new items were added, some of which have higher risk if I decide to procrastinate on. With that said, I’m going to measure risk vs reward for each item to decide what I will procrastinate on.

If we leave it till the last minute, it only takes a minute

Can we beat procrastination?