Being there for your kids

6am Wake up, think about all the shit I need to do :P
6:30am Gym time, train like a MF
8:30am Breakfast, Get ready for the day
9am Play outside with Julian
9:30am Feed Julian, put him to sleep, work for 2 hours
11:30am Starbucks walk with Julian, do some reading
12:30 Lunch
1pm Drop off Julian with baby sitter.
1:30pm-?? Hustle. Hustle Hard.

As I think about my morning I remembered a conversation with a college freshman about family and money. He said he didn’t care about money, he just wanted to be there for his kids. I don’t know why he thought he had to pick between one or the other, but I let him continue.

I said that’s great, if we want a better future generation, we have to educate and raise our kids better, starting from home. But then I asked, so how do you plan on paying for your bills, and mortgage? You need money to provide your family with the basics. If you will be the primary source of income in your home, most likely you will need a full time job. How will you avoid falling into the 8-5 lifestyle and be different from everybody else? Based on his expression, I realized he didn’t think that far ahead.

I didn’t tell him what to do, but I told him what worked for me. Create a business and get it to the point where you don’t have to be present to run it. Create multiple sources of income. Work remote/from home. This is what we’ve done and we now have the flexibility to be able to spend my day how I want to with my family. We are not rich, but we have freedom to manage our schedule – not let others do it for us.

I’m sure I got him thinking. He is young, I’m sure he will figure it out if he really wants to.

Being there for your kids

A Parent with Ambission

My wish as a father is to never use my son as an excuse to giving up on the things I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve met many parents who brag about giving up on or sacrificing their dreams to raise their child – as if that was a good thing. I am referring to the people that think they need to choose between raising their child or having a career. I don’t think you have to choose between one OR the other, I think you can have both. Will it be easy? Of course not, maybe that is why people are quitting on their future so easily.

I can already say, raising my child, and creating a new business, while running two others is not easy. Not to mention, the need to maintain my gym and social lifestyle. It has been frustrating, but it helps me cut activities that don’t add value to my life. I have less time for bullshit.

The goal is that whatever I decide to do, I do it with a purpose, and that I do it well. The time I spend with my son, that it is just him and me, no TV no Phone, no distractions. Only books, and toys that can stimulate his growth.

I understand there are parents whose only ambition was to raise a family. That is okay. But I’m referring to parents who had BIG dreams and ambitions before marriage/children and then they abandoned the dreams because “they didn’t have time”.

My son is my life, as well as my ambitions. I am a parent with ambition.

A Parent with Ambission