Goals for 2014 Q4

It’s been an amazing year so far, and soon I will come back to write some of my more recent experiences. For now, I am logging my goals for 2014 Q4.

To start off, I do admit, I don’t feel like I’ve pushed my limits during the first 3 quarters of the year. Either that, or I haven’t found a way to focus mostly on the tasks that produce the best results (80/20 rule).

I’ve always found it important to write down goals. I need to know what my expected outcome will be, and why is it that it is important to me. Not only do I write my goals every quarter, sometimes I do it every month, even every day – depending on how much I choose to break up a task. But all my goals are to work on what I have chosen for the year.

I have had some time to think about this, and here is what I will focus on for the remaining of the year.

Physical and Mental Health

With so much stress, and the amount of hours that I work every week, being at a good physical and mental state is definitely one of my most important. In order for me to perform at the best levels, I need to be at my best. This quarter I want to be in the best shape that I have ever been. I’ve been thinking about meal plans that I can actually maintain – because fuck eating chicken, broccoli, and rice everyday ;)

Training goals:
Bench press: 245 x 2, current at 225 x 4
Bell press: 105 x 3, current at 100 x 3
Squat: 315 x 1, current at 275 x 3
Dumbbell shoulder press: 80 x 4, current 70 x 3
Run: At least 4 miles per week, current 2-3 miles
Weight: 150-155, current 165

Other: I need abs!

I’ve been working on my habit of listening to relaxing music every morning. My goal for a healthy mental state is to practice meditation in the morning and at night for at least 5 minutes.

Finish the books that I bought at the beginning of the year. They include: Art of War, The Prince, and Persuasion.


Of course, family and friends are always a priority. It has been hard for me to keep my “Sundays are for family” rule with all the work I have to do, however this is something I need to keep pushing for. I must find a good system and schedule that can clear up my Sundays to do anything I want with my family and enjoy the day. This means I have to get all my home chores, meal prepping for the week on Saturday nights or really, really early on Sundays (lol I already caught myself thinking of procrastination).

I would like to spend more time with my wife and prepare for the baby. I would also like to have the baby’s room ready by mid December. Exciting stuff :)


With the two new stylists joining the team, the salon is now to the limit with the full time stylists. Now the fun part is getting everyone’s books filled and providing them with excellent training for good retention. With the Holidays coming, I can already expect this to be a very season. The key is to maximize the time now.

My personal goals for the salon are:
More activity in social sites & Yelp – more posts, more followers, more ratings, etc.
Make the news on News paper and / or TV – be featured during the holidays
Help make this the best holiday season yet – in revenue and appointments
Co-host an event at a retail store


The goal of this side project is always to make more money. Always. So I should double the best month that I have ever had by increasing traffic. I have plenty of ideas on how I can do this.

Without adding to much detail for the curious person, my primary goal and the most urgent as of now is to properly set up my accounts. I will also launch a project that will work hand-in-hand with the existing.

Importation / Distribution

One of the new ideas that I got a couple months ago was to look into how to go about setting up a business to import fruits/vegetables. Once I find some good information on this I can decide if it is worth it to continue pursuing this or move onto something else. For sake of my curiosity, I must at least getting enough information to make the decision.

Leiser Goal List

Early in the year I came up with a list of Leisure Goals for 2014 – stuff I can do during my downtime or the time I am absolutely tired of anything else. I still intend to do some more on this.

Fun Activities

Gerardo Ortiz Concert
Enrique Iglesias / Pitbull Concert
Trip in October or November
I know I will need some time to go out for a drink to unwind. That is okay, but I limited myself to not drink more than 3 drinks and not be out later than 11:30 PM.

Community Service

Get involved in a community service event in my city. I will contact the city to see if there are any events coming up and see if I can help. I actually want to talk to the mayor.

Thanksgiving friends dinner / charity donation. Attend the thanksgiving dinner we have been going to for the several years. Donate to a charity or family in need.

I can already see this will be a very busy quarter, and it almost seems impossible. With that said, I’ll end with a quote:

better to be disappointed because you set your expectations too high and came up short, than to have no expectations and be assured of absolute and abject failure and disappointment in your life! – Grant Cardone

Happy October.

Goals for 2014 Q4