Why I Don’t Watch TV

I cancelled my cable TV recently. On average I turn on the TV for about 1-2 hour a week, and it’s not worth paying $30-$40/month on something I hardly ever use. The few times that I turn on the TV is to watch a recorded show or a movie/documentary online.

The reason I got cable TV in the first place was because I had visitors staying at my house for a few weeks and it would make me a really bad host if I didn’t provide the visitors any time of entertainment.

Every time I meet up with a friend or at work talking to my colleagues and the topic of TV shows come up, I mention it clearly: Don’t ask me about TV shows or sports, I don’t watch TV much. It’s actually amusing seeing their reaction as they ask, “well what do you do?” It’s hard for me to grasp that question. Sometimes I feel bad (at times upset) because they think everything they see on TV is real.

One example is my sister. At times I would visit her and I would see that she was watching Jersey Shore or Keeping up with the Kardashians. OMG out of everything, I hated those two shows the most. I would argue with her a bit, telling her not to waste her time watching that bullshit, but I tried not to insist. Reality is, some people understand the reasons, others do not.

Some people find the pleasure on sitting for hours on end in front of a TV, and if that’s what makes them happy, then it’s okay. I decide to spend my time on activities that are more productive and make me happy. Don’t get me wrong, every now and then I do like to unwind by drinking a glass of wine and watch a movie. Or during designated cuddle time he he :)

What do I do with my time? I wish I had enough time to do many things, but I can only do a few. I do the following the most:

– Work – I rather not work and be at the beach, but I was not born a billionaire

– Write – It helps me with gathering ideas and expression

– Listen to music – It inspires me

– Home chores – I think this necessity is a waste of time, I wish I didn’t have to, I’m seriously considering hiring a maid

– Read a book – Learn interesting things

– Gym – It releases stress, boosts testosterone, and keeps me healthy and looking good

– Eat – This chico right here gotta eat, baby

– Converse – So how was your day?

– Visit family – Hi, Mom

– Salsa classes – I like dirty dancing

– Intimacy – :)

– Social life – Japanese food, cigars, whiskey

Why I Don’t Watch TV