Rough Monday

I’m not one of those that complain all Monday about it being Monday. Last Monday sucked though, for a couple of reasons. I woke up early knowing it was going to be a long week, and I decided to prepare myself by going to gym. Had a good start.

Going into work, I was already stressed for being behind on some projects. Around noon, my wife calls me to tell me her car just stopped and I makes a weird noise when she tries to turn it on. I told her to pop the hood and visually inspect the engine and underneath the car. She noticed a black belt was hanging below the engine. While I was on the phone someone pulled up to offer her some help, and they confirmed. The serpentine belt was broken and without it the car is pretty much not drivable.

I decide to leave work early and go pick her up and get the car towed. It took 3 hours for someone to get the car towed and during that time I decided to change my insurance to AAA.

By the time I got home, not only was I tired and hungry, but I was more stressed for missing half a day of work (which I have to make up), and disappointed for not making it to the Kizomba dance class I had already planned to go.

I worked till midnight, running reports and preparing for the business meeting I had the next day.

Tuesday morning I was grumpy for the shit that happened the day before and because I missed my morning workout (which I made up in the evening). It’s the day I have project status meetings and the monthly business meeting for the salon.

By late morning I was excited about the business meeting because I knew the agenda was going to cover good news. January broke records. The girls are doing great and we are all working as a team to keep doing better. The meeting went great, and I feel confident that this year will be great for the business.

I worked on my projects till 6pm and called it a day so I can go to the gym and make up for the missed morning session.

Thank you, Tuesday for changing the outlook of the week from bad to good.

Rough Monday