RIP Doña Domitila

I can hear the rain water dripping from the rain gutters. Pandora is playing Los Bukis and other grupos music from the late 80’s early 90’s. Not my first choice of music, but the songs are calm enough to let me think. I’m recalling my experiences from this weekend, starting on Friday night. Emotions hit both extremes of happiness and sadness, I have no idea how I feel right now. I showered and needed to sit down on my bed to write what I can not tell anyone at this hour.

I’m alone for tonight, the night before my birthday.

I  got home at 930pm tonight. A month ago, I had scheduled being out this weekend to celebrate my 31st. Initially, I planned to take a trip to San Diego, but that later changed to San Francisco. On Saturday afternoon, the plans changed yet again. Only this time I knew I was no longer doing any type of celebration at all.

We got news that my wife’s grandmother, Doña Domitila, who had raised my wife since she was 5 years old, was in bed from her sickness and receiving the blessing from the priest. We immediately packed our bags and drove off hoping we could still see her alive. When we arrived to our destination we come to a home full of family members with teary eyes. The looks on their faces made me think, Doña Domitila was no longer here. As we walked in people broke down crying. I couldn’t help but to feel their pain. Minutes later, I realize Doña Domitila was still alive, but not steadily conscious.


I can no longer write. I just got a message to inform me she has passed. May she have a peaceful journey to heaven, and God keeps her in his glory. Rest in peace Doña Domitila.

RIP Doña Domitila