Hello, February!

I woke up at 6:30AM this morning, and took some time to thank God for all my blessings, especially for my good health and family.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been waking up to The Native Flute Ensemble station in Pandora, and it really helps me wake up calm, and in peace. I actually like this far more than the high energy music that I usually play.

As I listen to the music I’m planning out my day, since there are many things that I need to do. First thing I’m going to do this morning is go to the gym and have an intense workout, I really need to push the limits on this one, to start off the month well.

I’m also going to pick up the pistol that I bought a week and a half ago, and go to the shooting range with my brother right after.

My birthday is approaching, so I need to decide on what I want to do on my birthday weekend. Last year I rented out a suite at a hotel in Sacramento and invited all my friends. This year I will probably do something low key, maybe fly out with my wife somewhere or just spend the weekend in SF/Napa.

I had an amazing 30th year, I hope this upcoming year will be even better. I feel like my 31st will bring some big changes in my life, I hope God continues to guide me on making the right choices.

I’ll keep enjoying my 30th for now, I still have a few more days left. Definitely will enjoy this beautiful day.

Welcome, birthday month.

Hello, February!