Back to the gym after 22 days

I finally visited the Gym after being out for 22 days due to travels and the busy holiday schedule. During these 22 days I had absolutely no limit on bad carb foods and beer consumption :(

Since the last time I visited the gym I have gained 9 pounds, my muscles have lost firmness, and my endurance is weak.

As expected, this gym session was horrible. Horrible, as in I almost passed out after doing the Stair Master, I had to sit on the bench for about 5 minutes and remind myself to take deep breaths. Once I began to feel better, I just walked to the sauna for a few minutes to relax my muscles.

My goal for today was mainly to stimulate the muscles to let them know I’m back into action. I was able to complete several exercises for back, arms, legs, and shoulders.

I’m ready to get serious about my healthy living again!

Back to the gym after 22 days