13 Fundamental skills to be successful

I’m currently listening to the audiobook, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big By Scott Adams, a book that gives a different prospective on goals and what it takes to be successful.

As I’m listening for the first time, I’m taking mental notes and digesting the interesting topics Scott Adams covers.

What recently got my attention is his list of fundamental skills that can help people become successful. He believes in the idea that when it comes to skills, quantity over quality is preferred – instead of mastering a few skills, you can just learn the basics of many. I do not intend to go into this topic, but I agree to a certain extend.

As he recited the list, I realized it has some of the skills I plan to work on during my leisure time. I think I will add all of these to my leisure time goals list.

Fundamental skills:

Accounting – You don’t have to be a business owner for this. We all work for money, we should all understand what’s coming in and out of our accounts, interest rates, etc.

Psychology – Understand people and make them understand you.

Basic design – Have an eye for design.  Know what looks good and what doesn’t.

Second language – A second language that makes sense. If you live in California, it makes sense to know both English and Spanish.

Persuasion – A powerful asset that must be used wisely.

Proper grammar – Your / You’re, I / Me, Were / Was. Know the difference.

Business writing – Be professional and to the point.

Public speaking – I can’t stress how important this is for a business owner and I definitely need a lot of work on this.

Conversation – Be able to maintain a conversation and connect with strangers. This is how networking is done.

Overcoming shyness – Sitting in a corner is not going to take you far.

Golf – Not a place to talk business, but a place for men to bond.

Technology hobby level – Know how to use a smartphone, at least.

Proper voice technique – Voice sends signals, let’s make sure we are sending the right one.


13 Fundamental skills to be successful