Quarter century (+ 1) and feeling good!

Happy BDay to Me

I’ll soon turn a quarter century (+1) old and I won’t even complain (feel old)! In the contrary, I feel damn good! I guess every year after the 21st birthday people worry about how much age is changing the good looks. You know, when gravity takes over and things are falling – things are not as TIGHT as they used to be! We all look in the mirror, examining how much less hair we have and how many more wrinkles we have.

Things Change

Us men do feel bad when we notice that we can’t play sports how we used to. It’s not that we are not able to, but we just choose to be out of shape by doing other activities – such as drinking beer, eating tacos, chips, carnitas, excessive tv etc. Not to mention, after a certain age, our bodies are not as active as they used be – all we do is work, family, eat, s*x, beer, tv, sleep, work, family, eat, s*x, s*x… I guess the only exercise some people get is s*x. That’s one of my preferred ways to staying healthy (he he). If you don’t have a partner, you better be dancing or something because pleasuring yourself doesn’t really stimulate metabolism (unless you do it for hours, and hours – ugh! what the hell am I thinking).

Okay, enough of that.

So I’m still young (I really am!) but I am thinking about how to keep myself healthy. I go for a walk, I take the stairs (rather than elevator), jog, and my personal favorite – weight training. Exercising, of course, has to come with taking vitamins and limiting the amount of junk food that I eat. Creating a good healthy habit will help me stay strong for a while longer.

Eternal youth secret

But here is the real secret for eternal youth: If you want to be young all there is to it is knowing in your mind that you are young. This way you will always feel young and your body will do the same. I know it sounds crazy, but just do it. Doesn’t matter if you are 20, 30, 40, or 60! Age is really in the mind, so if you feel old, chances are you are and people see you old.

If you want to know more about this, just read The Secret. You can watch the movie but I suggest you read the book. I first read the book and got a lot out of it. I haven’t watch the movie but I will soon. The reason I recommend to read the book is because people read when they are in a quiet or calm place. When reading, it’s easier for you to really absorb the message. If you just watch the movie, you can sit on a couch for an hour, think it’s good, but once it’s over you will change the channel and forget what you just watched.

If you get nothing out of it then good luck to you.

Feeling good

So I’m a quarter century (+ 1) old and I’m feeling damn good. If you are like me, it don’t matter if you are 40, we’ll always be looking good and brushing the dirt off our shoulders. We’ll be hearing ladies say “He’s a DILF!” when walking on the street ( ha ha ). Of course, all I will do is turn around and say, “That’s what my wife says”. Okay, the point is not to be conceited, but to feel good.

Happy BDay to Me – My Wish List

For a while I’ve have been creating a wish list in Amazon for the books I want to read. All of them are related to Web programming and they are on my waiting list to be read. If you are a good friend or feeling generous and want to gain some extra points, think about checking out my wish list and buying me a nice birthday present. That’s really all I want for my birthday – unless you can spare one Million bucks. I’ll take either one.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post with some added humor. Be nice, buy me a book!

Happy 2009!

Quarter century (+ 1) and feeling good!

Can you spare some extra change?

I get this question so much by people standing outside of grocery stores and gas stations. Sometimes I do give in because I feel they are being true – and really in need. Damn, most of the time I’ve been wrong! After I give somebody some spare change for food, I see them going into a liquor store and walking out with a 40 ouncer. (That asshole!) People like this make lose my will to people who are really in need.

Can you spare some extra change?

Internet Explorer 6 is a pain in the ass

I can’t believe many people still use IE6! I mean, come-on! Haven’t they heard of IE7 or IE8? Better yet, have they not heard of FireFox? For the computer illiterate, IE6 is not only a online security issue, but it also lacks to give you the best online experience. If you are currently using IE6, I suggest you upgrade ASAP!

Why does it bother me so much?

Since IE6 is so terrible structured, Web programmers and Web designers have to write extra code that functions only with IE6. Something that looks perfectly fine in IE7 and FireFox may not look fine in IE6. This is just a waste of time.

IE6 users: C’mon just get your computer up to date with technology.

Internet Explorer 6 is a pain in the ass