Where the hell is Matt?

Matt has become quite a phenomena with his cool dance. I believe he began dancing just for fun in one of his vacation trips. After a while, he was contacted by Stride Gum and was asked to travel around the world to do his dance. What a lucky guy. These videos are cool.

What I like in the videos are the very amazing places and scenic views. Just by watching the videos, I already picked out a few places I want to visit.

Matt says that even though he is not fluent in many languages, he was able to communicate with the people just with his dance. This is just to show that even though we are so different and so fart apart, we can still get together and share joy.

Dancing 2008

Dancing 2006

Where the hell is Matt?

Art, Wine, and Beautiful Things

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I’ve come to enjoy Art, sip on Wine, and listen to Beautiful Things. The funny thing is that only a year ago, art was not in my interest and wine was not even in my selection for beverage. Beautiful Things (the song) belongs to a genre (Techno) I’ve always liked, so I am naturally attracted to that song. But experiences and exposure to art and wine have changed my preferences a bit. For example, I may now prefer a dinner and an intellectual conversation accompanied with wine- not the usual imported beer. Or I may now prefer to know about the history of a painting rather than glancing and skipping without appreciation.

Some things you learn from natural attraction and others you learn from introduction, exposure and interest. It was only a year ago when I met a person who thought me that life is to be lived day by day. It is this same person who thought me to grow the appreciation for art and enjoy the pleasure of wine. I’m thankful to have met and maintained a friendship with this individual, even if it was for a short period of time, because I learned so much and helped me open my mind a little more. It was a natural connection with my personality. I was in the moment. I was willing.

It is very true that some of the best things in life are those which we never thought or even considered them to come. They are life’s beautiful surprises, which I’ve now decided to call Beautiful Things. I am so glad I opened my mind, my heart, and my emotions because if I had not, I would not have been the same.

This person did not only expose me to Beautiful Things, but I also found a great deal of inspiration. Although young, the experience and thoughtfulness of this individual astounded me. This is when I realized that wisdom is attained not only by those who are a lot older in age, but also by those who have gone through a great deal of experiences and have been literary exposed to many places around the world. Although we no longer have much communication, I know this person will go far in life, succeed, and continue to inspire other people.

I am thankful not only because I met this person, but also because I was able to enjoy it to the fullest. I know that many people go through a lifetime without having to experience neither inspiration nor this type of emotional experience. This is when I like to say that “for a moment like this, some people wait a lifetime.” (Just got the chills)

Even if I don’t tell, I am thankful to have met an individual who has opened my eyes in many ways.

Now, I continue to appreciate Art, while sipping on Wine and listen to Beautiful Things. Readily, I’ll continue to surround myself with people who inspire and motivate and take in any knowledge I can.

Reality is that it’s not about the art. It’s not about the wine. It’s about the moments and the inspiration that takes my breath away. Carpe Diem.

Art, Wine, and Beautiful Things

Let It Go

Some people write to remember and others write to forget.

Somebody once told me that if I ever wanted to finally let go of memories and experiences, I should write about them, letting my subconscious mind and heart speak. In this way, my heart can be healed and/or forget with satisfaction.

I am no expert on human behavior nor can say, exactly, why sometimes it’s hard to let go of experiences. My theory is that when humans go through impacting or somehow life changing experiences, those experiences are retained by the heart and stored in the brain. Every so often, the subconscious mind injects that experience into our conscious mind and that is how many memories are still alive. Depending on the person’s memory span, with time, that experience will fade away. This is why many people say that time is the only cure.

But what if we don’t want to give it time? How can we take control of our conscious and subconscious mind to finally forget? Taking control of the subconscious mind takes a lot of discipline, but it is very possible. A way to do this is to concentrate all the thought energy into preferred thoughts until it becomes a habit. By creating habit of thought, the subconscious mind will automatically repeat the process that you trained it to do. Before you know it, that memory or experience that you initially wanted to forget, will tend to appear less and less.

But why would one want let go of experiences? Experiences and memories that are live in our mind have the power to manipulate our emotions. It is most likely that those emotions bring some type of sadness or depression, therefore, making life miserable. Note that people want to forget the experiences because it has a strong manipulation of emotions. When people forget the memories, it’s not that they forgot about the experience, but they forgot about the emotional manipulation.

Some people are strong enough to take control of their mind and emotions, but others are so emotionally distorted that they just can’t fight it. It is these people that are so emotionally hurt that, maybe, just maybe, time will heal.

Don’t go through life hoping that it goes away. Take control of mind and emotions and let it go.

Let It Go

Why do I want to get married?

This is a nice and thoughtful conversation I had with a cool friend (Magdalena). This may or may not help you expand your thinking about the reasons why people get married. You may also find out about why I decided to get engaged.


I have a question, if you don’t mind me askin’. I’m of a curious nature and inquisitive one too. Why do you want to get married?


I don’t blame you for your curiosity cus I’m the same way. honestly, I asked my self that question right after I proposed. I was questioning myself because all I would hear from friends is ‘you sure you wanna do this’ or ‘don’t do it’… but then I think about my past, present and future. My past is that I’ve been with this girl for 6 years and she has not failed me once – that i know of. We’ve gone through lots of sad moments but even more happy moments. I think about my present and I’m still happy with her. She still makes me happy [and I love her]… I think about my future and I know that I want to be successful personally, emotionally, and financially. We share the same goals, so why not going for it together.

do you have something you wanna share with me?


I ask because I am curious to hear the different reasons why someone might think it’s “time” for them, or “the right moment”. My brother married his ex for insurance reasons and because they had been together for 10 years, so they thought, “why not?” ….I ask others…and they have stories all across the board. A close friend of mine proposed by accident. Can you believe that? Insane. Another older gentleman said, “because she puts up with my shit”, now that’s romantic. But then there are other stories that I hear, that touch your heart, and give you hope that people really do respect the commitment and the vows they make to each other….I ask some couples who have been married for many many years how they feel about each other, and it’s so sweet to see how in love they still are with each other after so many years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to it. I think it’s beautiful, if you do it for the right reasons.

Me, personally… I never want to get married. If someone wants to be with me..then they will be with me, and that’s all that matters. =)


Relationships are sometimes so damn hard. It is funny how people last many years of dating, but when they get married, they don’t last a year. Or how some other people are in a very long term relationship and one day one of them realizes that there are no more feelings. I do believe that after a certain point, relationships have to move into the next level (engagement, or move in together to start a family) or love magically vanishes… Nowadays, it is hard to believe a couple will have a life lasting marriage. It has become so easy for people to get divorced that people rather divorce than work on the problems. But some of us still have that hope that our marriage will be for a lifetime.

Yes, some guys get married for the wrong reasons and that is why many of them are destined to failure.

Perhaps now you think that you don’t want to get married but when the right guy comes and he wants to get married, you will definitely change your thinking. Marriage is also good if you want to have legal rights over property or to make legal decisions… marriage also helps when you file for taxes:)


You’re right. Those different levels are like a stairwell. Each step takes you higher and higher…and then what? I think it keeps going…only if the two individuals are willing to put in the work and constantly feed the relationship with new ideas at the same time re-visiting that thing that bonded you together, reminding you why you love that one person. Trouble comes when one person decides to get lazy….and leave the other person with all the burden of keeping it alive….

You hit the nail on the head with the “benefits” of marriage. The long lasting benefits should never be tangible. They should be felt. Society has cornered us into this marriage contract in order to keep the benefits of a financial tax break or rights to property. Why? Because if that was your life long love, and you had no heir and marriage was the determining factor of who was the beneficiary….who would benefit from your property if you weren’t married? Who could possibly stick their hand in the cookie jar? THE FUCKING GOVRERNMENT! So yeah let’s make that a rule…. if the asshole isn’t married we can take his estate….I guess I don’t want anyone sticking their hand in my cookie jar….not the government and not a man with gold digging finger.

If he wants to be with me…he will be with me no matter what.

Why do I want to get married?