Very nice of you

This afternoon I was at CSU, Sacramento and I decided to get a Whopper Jr meal for lunch. After I made my order and was about to pay, I realized I didn’t have my debit card (D’oh) But I thought it’s okay, I still have my credit card. Since I never used the credit card before I had not activate it – it was rejected (D’oh D’oh).

I told the cashier I was going to step aside and make the call to activate the credit card, but a very nice lady waiting in line told the cashier that she was going to pay for my order. I told her she didn’t have to since all I had to do is make the call to activate my credit card. She insisted and ended up buying my lunch. Thank you much! I really appreciate the kindness. I told her I would like to send her a gift card to return the favor and gave her my personal card so she can tell me where to send it.

I really don’t know if she’ll contact me, but if you (Nice Lady) are reading this, the gift card is waiting for you. Thanks again.

Very nice of you

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