Microsoft: Expanding Empire

The BIG Tech new today is that Microsoft just made an unsolicited offer of 44.6 Billion to Yahoo.

Business its all about taking advantage of somebody else’s disgrace- also known as opportunity. Yahoo has not been doing good as expected- shares are going down, employees are being laid off, and the earnings projected are not as good as they should be. Mr. Gates sees this as a time to seduce Yahoo stock holders with a very significant stock rise. In return, Microsoft keeps expanding it’s empire.

The main reason Microsoft targets Yahoo is because it is trying to rise the after the knock down by Google. But with the latest reports- it shows that Google is still the Internet Search Engine King with about 50% usage, compared to Yahoo’s 10%, and Microsoft’s 5%. Even if Microsoft acquires Yahoo, it still has a very long ways to go.

Microsoft: Expanding Empire

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