Emergency Rooms

On Tuesday (01/22) around 11 am, for the first time, I had the unfortunate need to go to the UC Davis Hospital Emergency Room. My significant other, Lorena, slipped and fell on her elbow while she was at her beauty school. I drove her to the hospital and right when we walked into the emergency room, there was a long line to ‘check in’ and a room full of patients waiting for a doctor. We waited in line for about 30 minutes just to check in and another 30 minutes to see our first doctor.

After everything was taken care of, it turns out Lorena has a fractured elbow that will take 4-6 weeks to heal. No surgery or cast needed.

We ended up leaving the hospital around 4:30 PM. As we were walking out, I see almost all of the same people that were there when I first got there, still waiting for service. I think Lorena was lucky to be seen so fast (withing an hour). Emergency Rooms are not really a place where I want to be in case of an emergency.

Emergency Rooms

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