Thanksgiving and Self Renewal

Thanksgiving is here! I woke up around 11am and the first thing I did was check my cell phone for text and voice messages wishing me a “Happy Thanksgiving”! Everybody gets them, right? Sure enough, I had quite a few. So after I reply to texts and listen to voice messages, I go straight to my computer and check my email…. “You have 0 messages”! Gosh! I usually get those “Happy Thanksgiving” wishes by email! Anyhow, I turn on some energy music to pump me up for the long night with family and friends.

I’m almost ready for my road trip to Stanislaus County, California. There is no doubt I will see family I have not seen for months-or years!

Today is a day of thankfulness and reflection. I think about all my accomplishments through out the year and I give a special thanks to God for that. I also reflect on what I have to do to continue on striving for my goals. This is when I sharpen the saw and work on my self renewal.

Thanksgiving and Self Renewal

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