My theory is that employers prefer college grads because they see a college degree chiefly as mark of one’s ability to obey and conform. Whatever else you learn in college, you learn to sit still for long periods while appearing to be awake. And whatever else you do in a white collar job, most of the time you’ll be sitting and feigning attention. Sitting still for hours on end — whether in library carrels or office cubicles — does not come naturally to humans. It must be learned — although no college has yet been honest enough to offer a degree in seat-warming. — Barbara Ehrenreich

I’m sure many students (including myself) go to uninteresting classes and learn to sit still for long periods while appearing to be awake. Everything would be much better if college would cut all the BS classes and allow us to go straight to what we want to learn. I understand that General Education is important and crucial but how would a Witchcraft course be beneficial for a engineering major?

On the other hand, after forgetting about all the uninteresting classes, college is a lot more than just seat warming. The courses that prepare us for our career and the opportunity to network with many people with the same goals is just fabulous… Seat warming is a small price we have to pay for all the opportunities a college degree offers us.


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